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CLUG Picnic

Dues (which will be prorated) are expected, dues are $5, $10, or $12.50, depending on status of Student, Individual, or Family. Normal dues will be $10, $20, or $25.

When: Saturday, June 27th. 10:30 – Dark
Where: GE Condo Shelter, Rentschler Forest (Follow Signs)
Who: Members (and family) are invited, others may join at the picnic!!!

Now, the important issues, what do we want to eat?
Respond with your dietary delights, but leave out the Spam!

* Bring something to share: Beverages, Side dishes, Desserts!
* We’ll provide meat, flatware, napkins, cups, etc.
* Also, bring outdoor games, group games, maybe water balloons, anything!
* Electricity is NOT available at the site.
* A Motor Vehicle Permit is not required (it’s included with the shelter)

Information about the park;


Address of the preserve: 5701 Reigart Rd, Hamilton, OH 45011


The preserve is North of Hamilton, very near the intersection of Route 4 and the Route 4 Bypass.

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We (CLUG, or CLUG.Org) don't have a formal mission statement. Our goals are very simple. We have discovered GNU/Linux and want to talk to others who have made the same discovery. We are experts and novices, professionals and hobbyists, young and old. Whoever you are, we hope we have something for you. Come and check us out!