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Next Meeting

The next meeting is this weekend, Saturday, July 26th!

Dave Hemmerle will be giving an introduction on types of speech synthesis and
potential areas where this technology is expanding. Also, why you may want to
include it in your computer technology data base.

Dave has provided a handout, which you can find here.

The meeting is at 10:30, at the Pleasant Ridge Branch of the Cincinnati Public

Googley goodness at Google Maps

Bring a buddy and tell a friend!

Hope to see you there!


Steve Jones

3 Responses to “Next Meeting”

  1. dew2 says:

    Thank you Steve and on saturday Gave your name to person look for help in raspberry pi programing.

  2. BillStowell says:

    Website is looking good. Thank you for all your work. Thank you for the RSync to Fat32 notes.

  3. BillStowell says:

    My notes on Meeting 7-27-13: Please feel free to comment and add or modify my recollections based on your recollections.

    Ideas for the Cincinnati Linux Users Group From meeting 7-27-13

    I. Possible interactions with other groups:
    a) Python Group in Cincinnati,
    have members of their group give lectures to Clug
    have a joint meeting from time to time
    b) University of Cincinnati Linux group
    have members of their group give lectures to Clug
    have a joint meeting from time to time
    interact via special interest groups

    Need: Point of contact for discussions
    II. Special Interest Groups:
    a) Linux Certification Group
    1. Comprised of folks who would like to become certified linux administrators, software experts or other.
    2. Lay-out certification requirements and materials/study/information needs
    1. Develop timelines and milestone events
    2. Get the work done—
    b) Vulnerability studies group
    1. Folks interested in IT security, Current tools for breaching computer security
    and how they work
    2. Choose various available tools to study; obtain source code; ask questions

    II. Desired Presentations:
    a) New presentation on how to set up MYTH TV
    1. Includes general discussion on how the program works and general hardware discussion to include problem areas and insights
    2. Includes one “set-up for Dummies”–i.e. This is the specific hardware, software and set-up used and it works.
    b) How to set up a web server on Raspberry Pi

    c)How to set up and use Amazon cloud/web services

    d) Raspberry PI/Arduino Robot how it was done and details

    III. Meeting Format:
    1) Start meeting with introductions and possible with a linux question of some sort

    2) Always have a time to “Solve the Problem” or “Answer the Question”

    IV: Other: Community Involvement*

    a) Talk with the library we meet in about having a linux install meeting
    1. Talk with vendors, refurbishers, schools, businesses about free computers for distribution to the community
    b) Talk with churches, schools, etc. about having a linux install time
    * The first contacts/viable places to help folks with linux will be the first one we do. In CLUG each member is “the leadership”.

We (CLUG, or CLUG.Org) don't have a formal mission statement. Our goals are very simple. We have discovered GNU/Linux and want to talk to others who have made the same discovery. We are experts and novices, professionals and hobbyists, young and old. Whoever you are, we hope we have something for you. Come and check us out!